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"Seasons Magical Adventures: A sensory play!" reached over 460 people and toured many different locations all across the city for a total of 20 performances. These locations were the HMS School for Cerebral Palsy, The Autism Center of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Zoo for Autism Acceptance Day, Historic Fair Hill, Wyck House, Abington Arts Center, and the Widener Memorial School. This was an original, devised production which had accessibility at the forefront of every decision. 

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Another partnership that we had was the children at the Julia de Burgos School located in Fair Hill, Philadelphia. Under the guidance of Julia Gutman (Founder of the C.A.R.E Program), the children created all of the sensory artistic props that get handed out in a bag to each family that came to see the show! In the picture next to this, you can see the different sensory elements that the students created including fans to make wind, soft fuzzy cotton ball pillows, and much more! 

These students also created a storybook of the devised production which can be viewed by clicking on the button that says Storybook to the right. This storybook was then handed out to every family following the performance as a way to relive the show again and again.  

Julia Gutman also held several workshops at The Autism Center and those who participated in these workshops created the leaves that were in the tree as part of the set design. A picture of the tree with these leaves is below!

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