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1) Accessibility 

a) Philly Children's Theatre was established with the goal to bring theatre to people who otherwise may not have access to the arts. Touring the plays to the neighborhoods is one way that we strive to be accessible.

b) Social Stories will be posted for each location that Philly Children's Theatre tours to in order to give families who need the extra notice of what to expect a chance to prepare their child. 

c) ASL Translators will be provided at some performances and hopefully, over time, will be provided at every performance. Philly Children's Theatre also hopes to produce dual-language TYA plays that reflect the diversity of Philadelphia. 

2) Diverse Voices 

Philadelphia is a diverse city and many of the locations that we will be touring will be neighborhoods that are primary BIPOC.  As such, Philly Children's Theatre will strive to put on plays that reflect the diversity of the city, written by, directed, and acted by those who reflect the diversity of the city. 

3) Commitment to Philadelphia Artists/New Playwrights

When there is a chance to use a Philly musical or Philly artist or puppeteer for a project, we will go that route. We will also strive to produce Philly artist TYA plays and work with Philly directors. In addition, we strive to produce new TYA playwrights. 

4) Pay 

Payment stipends is currently between $400-$650 for each role. We will always be upfront about what we pay and the rehearsal schedule. We will have rehearsals processes that reflect this payment by scheduling rehearsals around a full-time day job. 

5) Supportive and Brave 

We will strive to create supportive and brave spaces, where every person is valued and has a voice to speak up. We are open to feedback on how to best create these spaces and acknowledge that we will make mistakes and will then learn from them.


6) All are Welcome Here

We will not discriminate on the basis of ANYTHING. All are welcome at Philly Children's Theatre. 

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